Disclosure on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data within the framework of Composites Manufacturers Association Communications and Notifications Network

The present disclosure is drawn up for natural persons who signed up for the e-mail list on which information about the Composites Manufacturers Association, its members, and the industry are shared, or to whom either electronic or printed magazines and/or newsletters are sent by the Association. This text does not address legal persons.

At Composites Manufacturers Association, we make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data of all natural persons whose personal data we come across, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, and various applicable regulations. Your personal data are processed by us, acting as the “data controller”, in the framework provided below, as per the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and applicable regulations.

1.Who is Responsible with the Security and Processing of Your Personal Data?

As the Composites Manufacturers Association, we are responsible for the security of all personal data you submit to us, as the “data controller” under the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. The Composites Manufacturers Association is established under the Associations Law no. 5253, and is located in the Republic of Turkey.

Composites Manufacturers Association
Yenişehir Mahallesi, Osmanlı Bulvarı, Atlantis AVM A-Blok Kat: 6 Daire: 24 Kurtköy – Pendik / ISTANBUL
+90 (216) 685 12 68


2. What is the Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data?

Your personal data is processed based on at least one of the following grounds:

  • Compliance with the obligations imposed on the Association, through the regulations, including but not limited to the Associations Law no. 5253,
  • Execution of the Association’s operations,
  • Ensuring data security,
  • Keeping track of and announcing the developments regarding the industry, members, and the Association.

3.To Whom Your Personal Data can be Transferred, and for What Purpose?

* The Composites Manufacturers Association makes every effort to protect your personal data. The transfers stipulated here are performed only where necessary, and the stipulations here does not require continuous sharing of your information, with the recipients mentioned here. For instance, in order to be able to send you printed magazines / brochures, we have to provide your name and your post address to the courier / shipping firm to deliver the magazine / brochure (the service provider required for the operation). However, we will not share your name or address with the service provider, in case no such shipment is sent to you. For more detailed information, you can contact us using the contact channels specified at the end of this text.

Service providers required for the operations

Your personal data can be shared with secondary service providers and/or partners, or third parties which perform technical, logistics, and similar tasks on our behalf, to the extent required for the specific task, for the purpose of carrying out the activities of our association.

These third parties include only the ones which should have access to information for the execution of the Association’s operations.

Recipients required by the regulations

In cases where the laws explicitly require so, and in the presence of a judicial or administrative order issued in accordance with laws, and/or in cases it is necessary for compliance with our legal obligations, your personal data can be transferred, and even then limited with the relevant persons or entities.

Consulting and secondary service providers

Your personal data can be shared with third parties which provide us support in storage, archival, IT support, security, call center and similar matters, secondary service providers and/or partners; attorney offices and consultant firms which provide counsel regarding legal, tax-related and similar issues, and other affiliated parties and authorized agencies and entities to the extent required for stipulated purposes, provided that such sharing is explicitly stipulated in laws, and processing of personal data is directly required for the execution or implementation of the agreement, compliance with our legal obligations, or protecting legitimate interests of you or our association with the proviso that such action does not violate your basic rights and freedoms, and to the extent data transfer is necessary exclusively for the performance of these purposes.

Whenever we share your information, we will be doing so in a secure manner, and we will require such third parties to refrain from the use of your personal data for their own business purposes, unless you explicitly allow them to do so.

4.Which Methods and Which Legal Grounds are Used for the Collection of Your Personal Data?

Your personal data are compiled through the sign-up form located at the address www.kompozit.org.tr, and by collecting already public information. Public information include, among others, the information or documents disclosed to the public on or through the website of your employer, your and/or your employer’s social media accounts open to public, publications by agencies and organizations, or in the form of publications, brochures, announcements or similar means, as well as verbal and/or written information accessible through similar public platforms.

In this context, at least one of the following legal grounds should be referred to in the collection of your personal data, based on the nature of the data involved:

  • Explicit stipulation in laws, (Law no. 6698, article 5/2-a)
  • The necessity of processing contract’s parties’ personal data, provided that it is directly related to the execution or implementation of the contract, (Law no. 6698, article 5/2-c)
  • Being necessary for fulfilling a legal requirement on part of the data controller, (Law no. 6698, article 5/2-ç)
  • The data having been disclosed by the data subject herself, (Law no. 6698, article 5/2-d)
  • Data processing being necessary for legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person are not disturbed.(Law no. 6698, article 5/2-f)

5.Which Rights do You Have with respect to Your Personal Data?

Under the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, all natural persons can submit an application to the data controller, and

a) Learn whether her personal data have been processed or not,

b) Request information regarding processing if her data was processed,

c) Learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data are used in accordance with the stipulated purpose,

ç) Learn the third parties inside the country or abroad, to whom personal data have been transferred,

d) Request rectification in case personal data was processed incompletely or inaccurately,

e) Request deletion or destruction of personal data in case grounds for processing no longer apply,

f) Request notification of the third parties to whom personal data have been transferred, about the procedures performed as per sub-paragraphs (d) and (e),

g) Raise objection against the occurrence of any result that is against her interests in the context of personal data’s analysis exclusively through automated systems,

ğ) Demand damages should any losses be incurred due to the illegal processing of personal data.

To exercise these rights, you can fill out the application form available at the address https://www.kompozit.org.tr/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/TCMA_Application_Form_For_Persons_Concerned_Under_The_Protection_Of_Personal_Data_Law.docx and submit it in person, with physical signature to the address Yenişehir Mahallesi, Osmanlı Bulvarı, Atlantis AVM., A-Blok, Kat:6, Daire:24 Kurtköy-Pendik/ISTANBUL, or send it with secure electronic signature, to the registered e-mail address kompozitsanayicileridernegi@hs01.kep.tr .

Furthermore, provided that you have previously notified us about an e-mail address you use, and that such address was registered on the system of the Composites Manufacturers Association, you can use that previously registered address to send the application form to the address info@kompozit.org.tr . However, the applications filed through this procedure can only refer to the information which can be associated with the e-mail address previously registered on the system of the Composites Manufacturers Association.

Your submission should clearly specify the right you want to exercise / the request you want to file, along with your ID details, and should present all information and documents regarding the request, in the attachment.

The requests submitted to us, in compliance with the requirements shall be concluded within 30 (thirty) days to follow, based on the nature of the request, and the result shall be reported to you in a letter or through electronic media, in line with the correspondence channel you have selected in your submission.

Composites Manufacturers Association

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