June 8, 2022

Our association successfully held the JEC WORLD 2022 Composites Show & Conference in Paris with the participation of a total of 38 Turkish companies, including 15 companies and 23 independent participants, as part of the National Participation Organization within the framework of our cooperation with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) this year as in the previous years. Our country ranked 6th among 43 countries participating in the exhibition.

Within the framework of the National Participation Organization, Turkish companies had the opportunity to host their visitors and promote their products in wider exhibition areas that are adjacent to each other. The increasing participation of Turkish companies in the exhibition, which is held within the excellent organization of ITO, has been a significant indicator of the fact that Turkish composites and Turkish composites companies have gradually consolidated their position in the global market.

Turkish Composites Industry has had the opportunity to once again demonstrate its position at the global level through its representatives participating in the Exhibition. Another indicator of this achievement is the great interest shown in our magazine and promotional brochures at the Exhibition, where “COMPOSITES TURKEY” Industrial Magazine, the major periodical of the Turkish Composites Industry, is given away.

We would like to thank the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce for providing us the opportunity to promote our industry on such an important platform; on this occasion, we would like to announce in advance that our efforts to promote our industry will continue by offering new opportunities every year thanks to our experience.

We congratulate our entire industry for the JEC WORLD 2022 Composites Show & Conference, which has been an achievement of the Turkish Composites Industry this year.


June 8, 2022

YALOVA – DowAksa, manufacturer of value-added carbon fiber composite materials, held a groundbreaking ceremony today for its new integrated production plant in Yalova, Turkey. Participating in the groundbreaking ceremony were Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Yalova Governor Muammer Erol, Yalova MP Meliha Akyol, Yalova Mayor Mustafa Tutuk, Akkök Holding Chairman Raif Ali Dinçkök, Akkök Holding CEO and DowAksa Deputy Chairman Ahmet Dördüncü and DowAksa CEO Douglas Parks.

The facility will be fully operational by 2023, creating 500 new jobs in DowAksa’s hometown Yalova. Once completed, the new plant will consolidate the company’s current and future capacity to initially address the growing demand of wind energy industry, while increasing Turkey’s share in all industrial markets consuming carbon fiber.

Among a diverse portfolio of carbon fiber composite products, DowAksa produces pultruded carbon fiber laminates for new generation wind turbine blades using advanced process technology that assures the strength, stiffness and lighter weight needed for more productive, reliable and efficient wind turbine operation. The facility will also serve the needs of the fast-growing international automotive industry as well as sectors consuming carbon fiber containing composites that are critical to Turkey’s domestic needs.

“This investment will not only bring value-added export and employment to Turkey, it will improve the country’s self-sufficiency in strategic sectors” said DowAksa Deputy Chairman Ahmet Dördüncü. “We will continue to develop innovative composite solutions through our high performance carbon fibers and invest to meet the fast growing demand of our key domestic and international customers.”

Yalova, Turkey was designated for the new plant due to its strategic location for supply chains as well as its proximity to DowAksa’s current manufacturing plant providing full integration in raw materials, energy and utilities. The investment, as it reaches full-capacity by 2024, will also help raise the bar for local content creation in wind power projects as significant amount of laminates for carbon fiber spar caps in wind turbine blades will then be domestically produced.

About DowAksa

DowAksa, Turkey’s only carbon fiber manufacturer, was formed in 2012, combining the strengths of two world-class companies, Dow, a global leader in providing materials science solutions, and Aksa, the number one producer of acrylic fibers. The 50:50 joint venture provides fully integrated solutions including product (from precursor to carbon fiber to resin), engineering, technology, and knowledge to carbon fiber and carbon fiber intermediates needs of industrial markets.


May 7, 2022

Click on the link below to read the press release published during JEC World 2022 on the strategic cooperation between the Composites Manufacturers Association and the Aerospace Clustering Association.,TCMA%20%E2%80%93%20Turkish%20Composites%20Manufacturing%20Association%2C%20and%20ACA%20%E2%80%93%20Aerospace%20Cluster,key%20components%20of%20aerospace%20manufacturing


April 25, 2022

JEC WORLD 2020 Exhibition will be held in Paris/France between 3-5 May 2022.  Our association participates in this Exhibition under the National Participation Umbrella organized under the leadership of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Our booth will be at Number P 58 in Hall 6. We will be waiting for all sector members who will attend the Exhibition either as exhibitors or visitors to our booth.

This year, 38 Turkish companies, 26 of which are members of our association, will attend the exhibition. 15 of these companies participate with the support of our Association within the framework of the “National Participation Organization” organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), and 23 of them participate individually.

Information about the alphabetical list of the participating companies and their booth numbers are below.

COMPANY NAME                                                                                BOOTH NO
3DWOVENS KOMPOZIT LTD. STI.                                                 Hall 6 Booth P52
AKAR MAKINA SAN. TIC. A.S.                                                        Hall 6 Booth N52
AKPA KIMYA AMBALAJ SANAYI VE TICARET A.S.                    Hall 6 Booth K63
ARSAN KAUCUK PLASTIK MAKINE SAN. VE TIC A.S                Hall 6 Booth P52
ARTKIM                                                                                                    Hall 5 Booth B67
BOYTEK RECINE BOYA VE KIMYA SAN TIC                                 Hall 5 Booth M56
CAN PLAST DAHILI TIC LTD STI                                                    Hall 6 Booth Q89
CARBOMID                                                                                      Hall 5 Booth M23
ECE BOYA KIMYA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S.                                 Hall 5 Booth E27
EGE KİMYA                                                                                       Hall 6 Booth F63
ERMAKSAN MAKINE SAN. VE TIC. A.S.                                         Hall 6 Booth N52
ESKIM KIMYA SAN. TIC. A.S.                                                           Hall 5 Booth M5
HIDROMODE HYDRAULIC MACHINERY INC                                 Hall 6 Booth N58
ILKESTER                                                                                         Hall 6 Booth G40
ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                          Hall 6 Booths N52,N58,P52,P58
KORD ENDUSTRIYEL IP VE IPLIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S.                    Hall 6 Booth N52
KORDSA                                                                                            Hall 6 Booths D32,G27
LITERATUR KIMYA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.                                          Hall 6 Booth P52
METYX COMPOSITES                                                                      Hall 6 Booth J6
NEVKA COMPOSITE HOUSE                                                           Hall 6 Booth N58
OZKOC HIDROLIK MAKINA SAN TIC AS                                          Hall 5 Booth Q48
POLIYA                                                                                               Hall 5 Booth Q40
SISECAM ELYAF SANAYI A.Ş.                                                           Hall 6 Booth N32
SİSTEM TEKNİK                                                                                 Hall 6 Booth P52
SITEKS DIS TICARET VE TEKSTIL SANAYI A.S.                              Hall 6 Booth G11
SPINTEKS TEKSTIL INSAAT SAN.TIC. A.S.                                      Hall 6 Booth H64
SÖNMEZ A.S.F IPLIK DOKUMA BOYA A.Ş.                                       Hall 5 Booth P24
TİLA INT.                                                                                              Hall 6 Booth N58


April 25, 2022

KORDSA accelerates their investments in new economy and technology in order to strengthen their position in the world and lead with initiatives that will make an impact on a global scale.

Following the investments made in Turkey and the USA, Kordsa acquires majority shares of Italian Microtex Composites S.R.L. in Europe, which will reinforce its global leadership and sales network. With this investment in composite technologies, Kordsa adds mainly super-luxury automotive and motorsport clients along with marine and industrial sectors to its customer portfolio. By expanding its footprint across Europe, Kordsa will provide its customers with products developed in Turkey and the USA through its new hub.

Congratulations Kordsa!


March 23, 2022
On March 20, an oceanarium in the style of the lost city of Atlantis opened on the territory of the Magic City Theme Park and it’s the first full-scale public aquarium of Uzbekistan executed by Polin Aquariums with turnkey aquarium specialist services.
Magic Aquarium is a kind of underwater museum with living exhibits – the inhabitants of the marine environment. The oceanarium is arranged in such a way that visitors experience the feeling of being a pioneer.
Magic Aquarium is part of Magic City Theme Park and the aquarium’s total area is 2762 m2 with 50 exhibits with approximately 1303 m3 water volume. The zones of the aquarium are Uzbekistan History, Jungle, Touch & Discover, Atlantic Cave, Odd Shape Mariners, Pier, Shipwreck, Shark Hall, Discovery Room, Tunnel (22 meters long), Magic World. The unusual underwater tunnel with 22 meters long, providing the effect of presence and feeling of contact between visitors and fish.
Polin Aquariums started to supervise the construction from the beginning with its engineering team. The conceptual design and storyline of the aquarium were finalized by the Polin Aquariums’ design team. The engineering team supervised the construction of aquarium bodies. Also, Polin Aquariums’ in-house teams applied the waterproofing systems, provided and installed acrylic panels, manufactured, installed, and commissioned the life support systems, manufactured and installed pre-fabricated aquariums, applied all underwater and dry-side theming elements with its theming artisans. Associate with the best efforts of AKFA Group and Polin Aquariums during the pandemic period, construction didn’t stop and the aquarium is successfully finished. Now, Magic Aquarium is ready for an unforgettable magical experience and memories.
More on Polin Aquariums
Polin Aquariums designs and builds public aquariums, taking them from initial concept and architecture to construction, business plan, procurement of living creatures and development of brand identity. It aims to achieve excellence with its team of the experienced architects, engineers, biologists, veterinarians and technical experts. The secret to the success of these attraction centers comes from this integrated setup developed through experience.
Designing and building a public aquarium is much different than constructing a regular reinforced concrete building. Every aspect of the building’s infrastructure such as reinforced concrete construction, mechanical applications, electrical systems and information technology systems must be developed based on the project concept and its technical specifications. With 18 different aquarium projects carrying a total of more than 35 million liters of water and more than 16 million visitors by the end of 2021, Polin Aquariums are at the forefront of the industry. More
For more info, visit or contact
More on Polin Group
Polin Group is a global family of brands dedicated to providing industry-leading products and services in industries we operate.
Polin Group delivers the synergy that comes from a multi-leveled firm and aims to increase growth, efficiency and the scope of the group by offering more integrated solutions. Ultimately, Polin Group allows the business to meet the varying expectations for best-of-class products and services in industries. All of the companies and brands incorporated within Polin Group continues to be housed under one of three main business lines.
-Single Source Composites Supplier
-Single Source Amusement Supplier
-Single Source Operator
Polin Aquariums is a Polin Group company.

November 16, 2021
A total of 26 Turkish firms, including our Association’s members Duratek Koruyucu Malzemeler San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Kord Endüstriyel İp ve İplik San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Metyx Composites and Spinteks Tekstil İnşaat San. ve Tic. A. Ş., will be attending METS 2021 Trade Show to be held in Amsterdam on 16-18 November.

FIRM’s NAME                                                                                 BOOTH No.

Duratek Koruyucu Malzemeler San. ve Tic. A.Ş.                        EF.135

Kord Endüstriyel İp ve İplik San. ve Tic. A. Ş.                            1.504

Metyx Composites                                                                            EF.142

Spinteks Tekstil İnşaat San. ve Tic. A. Ş.                                     5.769

You can get detailed information about the event and have your registration on the following site:


November 15, 2021

METYX Composites has extended its global network, appointing Composites for Czech s.r.o. as its distributor for Czech Republic to improve the access, supply chain service and local technical support for composites manufacturers in the area. The complete product range of glass, carbon and aramid fibre based specialty reinforcement fabrics are all manufactured by METYX at its production facilities located in Turkey, Hungary and USA.    

Composites for Czech s.r.o. will be stocking and providing technical support for the full range of METYCORE, METYCORE FS (Fire Shield), METYCORE MAX and METYCORE MAX FS (Fire Shield) RTM glass reinforcement fabrics, along with other products from the METYX Composites range including E-glass, carbon fiber and hybrid multiaxial and woven fabric reinforcements, and non-woven surface veils. Stocks will be held in line with local customer demand to ensure a fast and reliable supply service. Customers of the distributor will now also be able to benefit from added value core and fabric kitting and tool making services also offered by METYX Composites.

Composites for Czech s.r.o. focuses on the use of quality materials, reasonable prices and perfect customer service. They fulfil the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008, and are also certified by the Certification Body for Certification of the Management System. They are involved in the system of associated fulfilment Eko-kom. So for Composites 4Czech, being appointed to distribute the range of METYX reinforcements is a perfect supply partner fit. Petra Lorenncová, Director of Composites for Czech s.r.o. explains: “METYCORE RTM reinforcements range of METYX, along with the other excellent, high performance technical fabrics available, fit perfectly with our customer needs. We are very excited to now be working with METYX which is known as a high quality reinforcement fabrics supplier as well as innovative, added value moulding solutions.

“We are delighted to be working with Composites for Czech s.r.o.  for Czech Republic region.” comments Bahattin Şendoğan, Sales Director (Europe), and continues: “We are both committed to providing exceptional customer service and technical expertise, as well as quality, so I believe the composite industry in the area will benefit perfectly from this collaboration.” 

The METYX Composites range of technical fabrics for moulding composite parts combine higher mechanical performance application requirements with key processing benefits to meet the high productivity needs of manufactures in the automotive, transportation, marine, rail, and wind energy markets.


November 3, 2021
Save the Date and Become a Presenter!
We are proud to announce that the conference part of 5th METYX Composites Summit will be held May 23 – 24, 2022 in Izmir, Turkey.
METYX Composites Summit is the most comprehensive event for high-performance composites in Turkey. It amasses an international community of industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest innovations and developments in advanced composites materials and processes. The event was born out of the belief that ongoing formal training and real world experience are what make it possible to turn ideas into successful end products.
5th METYX Composites Summit will be a five-day event comprised of a two-day composites conference, and three days RTM and infusion schools. All parts were designed to provide the maximum amount of targeted content, including theory and practice.
This year’s Summit promises to be particularly exciting because we will be together with Turkish composite industry after the pandemic for the first time.
Your Benefits as a Presenter
Your presentation will be highlighted throughout the marketing plan for the event. You will gain exposure via: publication in a comprehensive program for the event; multi-touch email campaign to prospective attendees; publication on; publication on online composites trade press.
You will also gain access to key composites industry decision makers and an audience of end-users, manufacturers, processors, and academics from Turkey and around the globe. Previously, METYX Fourth Composites Summit was attended by a total of 200 participants from 18 different countries. Attendance has grown with each Summit.
Become a presenter!
It would be a great opportunity for you to introduce your company and products to an ever expanding and global marketplace.
Past Presenters
Join the ranks of our distinguished past presenters from world renowned companies and institutions.
  • 3B (Belgium)
  • AKSA (Turkey)
  • Alcan Airex (Switzerland)
  • Alcan Composites (USA)
  • Amorim (Portugal)
  • AR Engineers (Germany)
  • Areva (France)
  • Armacell (Belgium)
  • Arkema
  • Axel Plastics (USA)
  • Cam Elyaf (Turkey)
  • Composite Integration (UK)
  • CTM – Sander
  • Cytec (UK)
  • Duratec (USA)
  • E-Con
  • Gaugler & Lutz (Germany)
  • Kompotek (Turkey)
  • Kreysler & Associates Inc. (USA)
  • Lightweight Structures (Netherlands)
  • METYX Composites (Turkey)
  • Mulasan (Turkey)
  • MVC Solutions in Plastics (Brazil)
  • Nord Composites (France)
  • ONUK-BG Defence (Turkey)
  • Polin (Turkey)
  • Polyworx (Netherlands)
  • RMK Marine (Turkey)
  • Roctool (France)
  • Scott Bader (UK)
  • Spheretex (Germany)
  • STRUCTeam (UK)
  • Turkish Aerospace Industries (Turkey)
  • Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association (Turkey)
  • TPI Composites (USA & Turkey)
  • Walter Mader
  • Turkish Carbon Society (Turkey)
  • Yonca-Onuk JV (Turkey)
To take advantage of this opportunity, please download and submit this simple application along with accompanying materials by December 1, 2021.
To download the application please click here.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Please refer any questions about becoming a presenter to
MAY 23 – 24, 2022
Ilıca Mah., Zeytin Sk. No:112, 35320 Narlıdere / Balçova, Izmir, TURKEY
Tel +90 216 394 32 60
Composites Conference:
Learn about the latest production techniques in the composites industry. Experts from various industries present case studies and best practices. The conference will be held May 23 – 24, 2022 at Kaya Thermal Hotel and Convention Center in Izmir, Turkey.
Infusion & RTM Schools:
Learn about the latest in infusion and RTM technology to enable a quick start for newcomers and advanced techniques for those with experience. The schools will be held separetly in between May 25-26-27, 2022 at METYX-Telateks Production Site at Manisa.
METYX Composites | Şehit İlknur Keleş Sokak Hüseyin Bağdatlıoğlu İş Merkezi No: 7/5Kozyatağı/KadıköyIstanbul, 34742 Turkey

October 21, 2021

Our Member METYX, range of multiaxial glass fiber fabrics has recently gained accreditation for being safe to use in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin glass fiber reinforced (GRP) drinking water pipes and GRP potable water storage systems.

METYX multiaxial glass fiber fabrics were independently tested according to the migration standard XP P 41-250-2 by CARSO-Laboratoire Santé Environnement Hygiène de Lyon, and are now certified for use in the reinforcement of materials in contact with water according to circular DGS/SD7A/2006/370. The CARSO Group is the leading provider in France of water analysis as part of the wide range of analytical services carried out by its European network of specialist laboratories.

Multiaxial glass fiber fabrics also known as non-crimp fabrics (NCF) are made up of one or more layers of unidirectional glass fibers stitched together. This type of GRP reinforcement is well established for the manufacture of water, drainage and sewage pipes.
Bahattin Sendogan, METYX European Sales Director commented: \’The addition of this new drinking water pipe approval has extended the reinforcement product offering that METYX is now able to supply to both new customers and our existing GRP pipe producers using METYX’s multiaxial fabrics for their water, drain and sewage pipe needs.\’

Along with this latest product approval, METYX has also been awarded DNV GL and Lloyds Register certifications for marine and wind energy composites applications. All METYX technical textile products are manufactured according to TUV Nord and SGS certified ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards.