2018 CommercIal Aero EngIne ShanghaI InternatIonal Forum

The event is approved by Shanghai municipal commission of commerce Shanghai municipal commission of economy and informatization, hosted by Shanghai society of aeronautics, supported by Shanghai Pudong new district technology and economic committee Chinese society of aeronautics and astronautics China Eastern airline and commercial aircraft corporation of China AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine, and organized by Galleon.

Aero-engine is honored as “crown jewelry” for its high technical content, and processing difficulty. The ability to development domestic engines are the hallmarks of a country becoming an aviation powerhouse. Guided by the “two major projects” initiative of the “top 100 projects” focused on China’s development, China’s aero engines have made gratifying progress and development in recent years. However, the gap between the level of domestic manufacturing technology and the mature manufacturers in the world is still large. The development of aero engine still faces many difficulties and challenges. In terms of engine cutting-edge materials and processing technology, blade manufacturing key technologies, overall leaf disc manufacturing and repair technologies, Airworthiness certification and testing technology, management, maintenance and other areas there are still technical difficulties.

More than 150 well-known domestic and foreign aero engine business executives and experts will be invited to share the forefront developments Chinese aero engine market demand, and jointly make contribution to Chinese aero engine industry.

Topics of the event:

  • The development and regulations of civil aviation equipment certification system
  • Exploring the engineering developing process of CJ1000A
  • Development of airworthiness certification technology for civil aircraft engines in China
  • The initial plan of airworthiness certification system based on the establishment of civilian production line
  • The new aero engine provides strong power for future wide-body aircraft CR929

This event will take place on 15-16 May 2018, in Shanghai, China.


May 15 2018 - May 16 2018


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
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