Test Methods for Composite Materials Seminar

Composite materials, whether for use in high performance structures or in commodity applications, present many unique mechanical testing problems. Thus, this two-day seminar will be directed toward the proper selection of a test method for each specific application, from the many methods currently available. Examples will include properties characterization for mechanical design, and evaluations of manufacturing quality control. Although many test methods have been standardized by ASTM, ISO and other groups, some have not, having been developed as company standards over the years. Thus, it is important to be able to decide which test to use in a particular situation, and which composite characteristics are to be determined. The goal is to understand what needs to be done, and the required facilities, time, and costs involved in doing so. As will be demonstrated, mechanical testing can be very time consuming and expensive. Thus, it is especially important to do it correctly the first time. This is a particular challenge because of the wide range of test methods often available and in common use for determining the same composite property. Tensile, compressive, flexure, shear and fracture toughness test methods for unidirectional, laminate, random-fiber-reinforced, and sandwich panel composites will be evaluated. This will include the special problems involved when making evaluations at temperatures above and below ambient, and when testing moisture-conditioned specimens. In all cases, proper specimen preparation techniques and test procedures will be emphasized.

The seminar is intended both as an introduction for the novice and as a refresher for the experienced individual involved in any way with the design, manufacturing, and testing of composite components. This involvement may range from being the technician actually performing the testing, the engineer designing the test matrix and defining the test procedures, the manager overseeing the work, and the customer who must be sufficiently knowledgeable to accept or question the test results.

This event will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom, on April 25-26, 2017.


Apr 25 2017 - Apr 26 2017


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Manchester, UK
Manchester, UK
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