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Mayıs 24, 2018
Auto Q2 2018
Second Edition

Rising Demand for Collision Avoidance System in Asian Markets. 

With the growing concerns regarding both pedestrians and passenger safety, automobile manufacturers are becoming obligated to equip even their entry-level vehicles with numerous safety and driver assistance systems, such as forward collision warning (FCW) systems, pedestrian protection systems, and night vision systems. Governments across the world are trying to implement safety regulations regarding the development of safety systems in integration with cameras. Read More
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High-Performance Electric Vehicles to be launched in Africa Soon. 

Although electric cars are comparatively rare across the continent, there is a support for increased vehicle production. Advanced research in the optimization of electric powertrain technology is still on-going at several international locations. The vital support infrastructure for these vehicles, such as charging infrastructure, has still not been developed in the region. According to the Open Charge Map, South Africa is the only country in which contributors have identified electric vehicle charging stations. Read More
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Level-4 Autonomous vehicle to be introduced into US Market by 2019.
The first autonomous vehicle in the US market is expected to be launched by General Motors (GM). The company is ready to mass-produce a self-driving car in 2019. Ford Motor Company is planning to launch autonomous vehicles for applications in ridesharing and delivering, by the end of 2021. Read More
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Latest Market Activities in 2018

  • Magna spiked its R&D expenditure to USD 30 million to meet the upcoming demand for electrification and autonomous technology.
  • Infineon invests EUR 1.6 billion to develop 300 mm Semiconductor chipsets in Austria.
  • E-rickshaw Tyres and Electric Vehicle Batteries to attract 28% and 12% GST in India.
  • Renesas Electronics Corporation and Magna to launch Cost-effective 3D Surround View systems for entry and mid-range vehicles.
  • VDL agreed to partner with DAF Trucks to Launch the first series of CF Electric Trucks by the end of 2018.
  • BYD bags order to deliver 500 electric trucks in Shenzhen.

Upcoming Market Studies:

  • Connected Vehicles for Logistics.
  • Future of Telematics in Commercial Vehicles.
  • Digitizing trend of Automotive Fleet.
  • Key Players Analysis in Automotive Rental Software Industry.

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