Composites Market Insights 22 February 2021

Şubat 23, 2021

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Composites Market Insights, February 22, 2021
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Click the Headlines below for more detail on the news article. News articles are divided into sections such as “Business Development”, “New Material”, “Application Development”, “Financial”, ” Price Movement”, “Awards”, and “Others”.
Business Development
 Teijin to Install GF-SMC Molding Line in Czech Republic
Teijin Limited will install a composite compression molding line at Benet Automotive s.r.o, the company’s automotive composites business in Milovice, Czech Republic. Teijin will invest some EUR 10 million in the new glass fiber sheet molding compound (GF-SMC) line, which will begin operating in autumn 2022 to help meet strong demand for Teijin’s industry-leading composite formulations in Europe. The new GF-SMC molding line will strengthen Teijin’s response to market demands for greater design …….
ExOne Developing Portable 3D Printing Factory in Shipping Container for Department of Defense

The ExOne Company, the global leader in industrial sand and metal 3D printers using binder jetting technology, has been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense contract to develop a fully operational, self-contained 3D printing “factory” housed in a shipping container. Now under development, the rugged 3D printing factory pod would be set up in a standard shipping container, up to 40 feet long, to be deployed directly in the field, via land, sea or air, to manufacture parts to support war theate …….
Allseas Awards Composite Pipe Jumper Contract to Strohm
A composite jumper designed and manufactured by Strohm (formerly known as Airborne Oil & Gas) will feature in deepsea mining technology being developed by offshore contractor Allseas to responsibly recover polymetallic nodules from the seabed at depths of 4,000 – 6,500m. Key metals such as cobalt and nickel required for renewable energy technologies and electric vehicle batteries are in increasingly high demand as the world gets behind the energy transition. Allseas is developing a deepsea co …….
MakerBot METHOD 3D Printers Now Support BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel Composite Material
MakerBot, a Stratasys company, informed that the BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel material by Forward AM has been qualified for the MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder1 for the MakerBot METHOD 3D printers. With an open materials platform and a growing portfolio of advanced engineering-grade materials, METHOD is now the only industrial desktop 3D printer in its price-class with a heated chamber that can print polymer, composite, and metal materials. Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel material c …….
Advanced Infrastructure Technologies Launches Third Division – AIT Manufacturing
Advanced Infrastructure Technologies (AIT) apprised of the addition of a new operating division: AIT Manufacturing. This new division adds to AIT’s two existing divisions: AIT Bridges, a composite bridge supplier that utilizes technology developed at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC), and AIT Buildings & Structures, a marketing division for all non-bridge related composite solutions. AIT Manufacturing specializes in the fabrication of FRP composite reinfo …….
New Material
Stratasys Unveils Carbon Fiber Material for F123 Series 3D Printers
Stratasys Ltd. introduced a new ABS-based carbon fiber material for its award-winning line of F123 Series 3D printers, the first composite material for the platform. Carbon fiber materials have proven extremely popular on Stratasys’ industrial-scale FDM 3D printers for a variety of end-use applications such as jigs, fixtures, and tooling. With FDM ABS-CF10, Stratasys now makes carbon fiber much more accessible to the engineering and manufacturing community with high-performance F170, F270, and F …….
Application Development
VAIO Built the World’s First 3D Molded Carbon Fiber Laptop
Japan’s VAIO, a leader in innovative technology, unleashes the first 3-D molded, carbon fiber laptop in the world. The new VAIO Z has a lighter, yet durable design and is engineered to make mobile computing effortless. VAIO is the first company in the world to successfully mass produce a 3-D molded, carbon fiber laptop using Uni-direction carbon fiber which is a type of carbon fiber material that is non-woven and all fibers running in a single direction. Using technology only previously avail …….
Blackmagic Design Launches New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro
Blackmagic Design has introduced the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, a new more powerful model that includes features for high end digital film. This new model includes a brighter 1,500 nit adjustable HDR touchscreen screen, built in ND filters, larger battery, plus support for an optional electronic viewfinder. The elegant design of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera packs an incredible number of high end digital film features into a miniaturized, handheld design. Made from lightwe …….
Mars Perseverance Rover Successfully Lands due to Technora-Enabled Parachute
After a 100-million-kilometer journey, NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover touched down safely at its final destination: Mars. Once the Perseverance Rover entered Mars’s atmosphere, a Technora-enabled parachute slowed the 1,025-kg-spacecraft from 1,235 km/h to just 320 km/h. It did this within approximately two minutes. Mars Perseverance Rover carried the heaviest payload of any mission to the Red Planet yet, including over 60kg of Technora. The parachute was 21.5 meters in diameter, and during te …….
Materion Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2020 Financial Results and Provides First Quarter 2021 Earnings Guidance
Materion Corporation reported fourth quarter and full-year 2020 financial results, provided first quarter 2021 earnings guidance, and provided an update on key strategic initiatives. Fourth Quarter 2020 Highlights • Net sales were $339.7 million compared to $287.2 million in the third quarter; value-added sales increased 14% sequentially to $190.8 million • Net income of $0.39 per share, diluted; adjusted earnings of $0.70 per share (including a $.06 per share increase from the change to …….
Owens Corning Reports 1%, Decrease in Net Sales
Owens Corning reported consolidated net sales of $7.1 billion, a decrease of 1%, compared with 2019. Fourth-quarter 2020 consolidated net sales were $1.9 billion, an increase of 14%, compared with the same period in 2019. Full-year 2020 net loss attributable to Owens Corning was $383 million, or $3.53 per diluted share, compared with net earnings attributable to Owens Corning of $405 million, or $3.68 per diluted share, in 2019. The company’s 2020 results included non-cash pre-tax impairment …….
Price Movement
AOC Increases Price of Its UPR and Epoxy Vinyl Ester Portfolios
AOC has apprised of a price increase of 250 euros per ton for its entire UPR portfolio and 300 euros per ton for its entire Epoxy Vinyl Ester (VE) portfolio sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The price increase will be with immediate effect for all new deliveries or as soon as contracts allow. This price increase is in addition to the increases that were previously declared. For identifying growth opportunities in the Vinyl Ester Resin Market, please visit …….
Temporary Surcharge on Oxo-alcohol Products of allnex in North America & South America
Effective for all shipments on or after March 1st, 2021 allnex will implement a temporary surcharge on all amino and phenolic resins containing oxo-alcohols in the America’s. The declared changes are necessary to offset the significant increases and volatility in propylene costs. For identifying growth opportunities in the Phenolic Resin Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis, please visit …….
Allnex Hikes Price of Acrylic Liquid Resins in EMEA
Effective March 1st 2021, allnex is increasing the prices of Solventborne and Waterborne Acrylics Resins in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This price increase is necessary to compensate the unprecedented continued rise of key raw material prices driven by high global demand and tight supply. Depending on the grade, the price will be increased by up to 0.15 €/kg. The increase will be applicable on all shipments as from March 1st 2021 or as contracts allow. For identifying growth opportuni …….
New Reports in Composites Market Published By Lucintel
Gatron is Elected Brazilian Top of Mind in the Composites Industry in the “Innovation” Category
Gatron was elected Brazilian Top of Mind in the Composites Industry in the “Innovation” category. The company was also the most voted in the “RTM” category and was among the three most remembered in six other categories. Organized by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), Top of Mind is the main award of the Brazilian composites industry. “It is very gratifying to be considered the reference company in a transformation process as important as RTM. And being remembered as …….
New Eco-Datasheet Show Teijin Aramids Commitment to Sustainability, Transparency and Measurable Impact
The Twaron eco-datasheet provides the first overview of the environmental profile of an aramid product. The eco-datasheet gives fact-based information on the carbon footprint and recyclability of Twaron acts as a key sustainability multiplier for industries such as automotive, industrial workwear and fiber-optic communications. The launch of the eco-datasheet is a key sustainability milestone for both the organization and the aramid industry as it shows the way forward on issues like sustaina …….
Covestro Runs Successful Research with Partners into Rigid Polyurethane Foam with Carbon Dioxide
Since 2016, Covestro has been working with research and development partners as part of the “DreamResource” joint project (FKZ 033RC002) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to research new, more environmentally friendly polyols with the potential to be used, for example, in the form of rigid polyurethane foam in insulation for the construction sector. An initial prototype of an insulation board has now been developed together with the project partner puren gmbh …….



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