HUKD – Duyuru 10 Mayıs 2017

Mayıs 22, 2017

Yakın zamanda tarafımıza çeşitli kurumlardan iletilen duyurulara ve haberlere aşağıda yer verilmiştir, bilgilerinize sunarım.

1.EBİLTEM EÜ Teknoloji Transfer Ofisi’nden tarafamıza ulaşan Avrupa Birliği Projeleri Ortaklık Arayışları haberleri aşağıda yer almaktadır:

Enerji tedarikçileri ve Dağıtım sistemi operatörleri

Title: Partner Search H2020 EE-06: French SME looks for energy suppliers or distribution system operators (RDFR20170502001) Description: A French SME, specialized in behaviour change solutions, is looking for energy suppliers or distribution system operators, to present a H2020 project, aiming at developing an efficient consumers’ coaching service for energy savings. The present project proposes to improve this engagement methodology through collaboration with energy DSOs (distribution system operators) or suppliers in order to support consumers in gaining knowledge and understanding and to transform it into positive actions for energy savings. Deadline: 20.05.2017

Enerji verimliliği döngüsü

Title: Partner Search for H2020- EE-15-2017: Looking for industry association

involved in the energy efficiency loop (RDES20170403001)

Description: A Spanish research organization is preparing a new proposal H2020-EE-15

related with energy efficiency. The objective of the project is to study the behaviour of the

different profiles involved in the energy efficiency decisions in order to provide tailored

advice for gathering energy efficiency investments.

Partner Sought: The coordinator is seeking an industry/service/consumer association

interested in the energy efficiency loop with capacity to involve companies for testing and

disseminating the results of the project.

Deadline: 07.06.2017

İleri ölçme altyapısı

Title: Partner Search EUROSTARS2: Looking for partners for developing advanced

metering infrastructure (AMI) total platform (RDKR20170405001)

Description: A Korean SME specialized in developing the AMI (Advanced Metering

Infrastructure) total solution is preparing a project proposal under the EUROSTARS2

programme. The R&D project is about further developing and designing of the AMI

solution that is adaptable to local condition and could monitor the pricing information of

the electricity in real-time. Company or institute with expertise and experience in

developing electric energy system is welcomed to join for collaboration.

Partner Sought: Companies, public institutes, Electric energy system operators,

electricity suppliers (Distribution part).

Task to be performed: technical cooperation with adaptation to specific needs

Deadline: 14.09.2017

Redoks akışlı pil

Title: German research institute seeks industrial partners working on redox-flow

battery to join its H2020 proposal (RDDE20170411001)

Description: A German research institute is looking for industrial partners to take part

in their consortium for a H2020 proposal through a research cooperation agreement in a

project that aims at developing a redox-flow battery that can be regenerated (recharged)

by a low temperature (<100°C) heat source. The project aims at developing a prototype

of a redox-flow battery that can be recharged by using a low temperature heat source

(<100°C). The two feed solutions used by the battery have the same composition but

different concentration. The cell produces current by exploiting the two feed solutions; at

the end of the discharge, the difference of concentration between the two solutions

vanishes. The recharge is performed by distillation, which restores the concentration


Partner Sought: The research institute is looking for industrial partners with different

profiles for a research cooperation agreement.

– Profile 1: SME/ Industry partners with an expertise in advanced/functional/technical

ceramics to develop an ion-conducting diaphragm made of ceramics.

– Profile 2: SME/ Industry with expertise in redox-flow batteries to design and scale-up

the electrochemical cell.

– Profile 3: SME/ Industry with expertise in engineering of solutions, databases of

thermodynamic and electrochemical Properties to design the working fluids for the

electrochemical cell, to optimize the solutions for distillation and to supervise the safety/

regulation issues.

– Profile 4: SME/ Industry with expertise in liquid- liquid extraction/ solvent extraction to

develop a small mixer- settler to be associated to the prototype.

Deadline: 31.08.2017

Taşınabilir EV şarj aleti

Title: Eurostars2: Partners for technical cooperation on developing a portable EV

charger (RDKR20170228001)

Description: A Korean SME, specialized in smart meters, smart grid devices, and

solutions is applying for the Eurostars2 project. The SME is developing a portable EV

charger that a consumer can charge their vehicle anywhere and the billing system is

established and is looking for partners to work on monitoring and managing energy and

assistance in developing Electric Vehicle portable cable technology. The SME is planning

to develop a portable EV cable that combines metering module, communication module,

and charging and billing technology. The cable enables connected and wireless

communication, mobile metering and managing, remote power transfer, and wireless

power charging. It can increase efficiency and convenience of EV users and the electric

power corporation.

Partner Sought: The role of the partner in the project is monitoring and managing

energy. It also requires the technology related to EV portable cable and ability of

marketing and sales in EU.

Type of partner sought: SME, Administration, and Larger Company

Specific area of activity of partner: connected standby power (ESS) at home, EV charger

and smart metering (V2G), remote power transfer and wireless power charging, next

generation metering infra adaption

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: energy monitoring and managing

technology, developing EV portable cable technology (meter+ communication module+

billing system), marketing and sales in EU

Deadline: 14.07.2017


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