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Lightweight Bio-Composite

Ocak 14, 2019
Bio kütle olarak hurma lifi kullanılan bio-kompozit malzemeler hakkındaki yazı aşağıdadır.
A team of researchers have developed a bio-composite material using date palm fiber biomass.
The new material can be used to produce sustainable, lightweight and low-cost applications
in the automotive and marine industries. (non-structural parts, such as car bumpers and door linings).
In a study, published in the journal Industrial Crops and Products, the researchers tested the mechanical
properties of the bio-composite.
They found that the date palm fiber PCL had increased tensile strength and achieved better
low-velocity impact resistance than traditional man-made composites.
Date palm fibers are one of the most available natural fibers in North Africa and the Middle East.
Date palm trees produce a large quantity of agriculture waste, which is burned or land-filled,
causing serious environmental pollution as well as the destruction of important soil micro-organisms.
The part of the date palm tree which is often used as fibers is the sheath.
The sheath is the part of the tree which surrounds the trunk of the plant. It is often torn lose when pruning the leaves.