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Composites Market Insights 13 July 2020

Temmuz 16, 2020

Lucintel firmasının 13 Temmuz 2020 tarihli haftalık haber bülteni aşağıda yer almaktadır.

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Composites Market Insights, July 13, 2020
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Business Development
Covestro and Trans-Textil Come Together for AQUAIR
Under the name AQUAIR, Trans-Textil GmbH is providing highly breathable coated textiles based on purely aqueous and solvent-free formula components from Covestro. In a joint and exclusive development, both partners have laid the foundation for this functional product line, which also focuses on ecological aspects. “The polyurethane coating is particularly abrasion-resistant and breathable, but in combination with membrane systems from Trans-Textil it can also be made both waterproof and windp …….

Velocity Composites Signs New Framework Agreement in Defense Sector
Velocity has signed a new framework agreement with an existing customer, a leading UK prime contractor in the Defense sector. The Framework Agreement sets out the top-level terms and conditions, which underpin the Group’s existing work packages with the Customer, and, importantly, enables additional work packages to be placed. The Company has been operating within the terms of the Framework Agreement since March 01, 2020 and remains in place through to December 31, 2022 with options to extend …….
FACC Earns spot in Boeing Premier Bidder Program
The international aerospace group FACC has earned a spot in the Boeing Premier Bidder Program. The program recognizes and rewards consistently high performing Boeing Commercial Airplanes suppliers and gives them an opportunity to increase their business with Boeing. FACC is a leading technology group in the aerospace industry providing major structural assemblies to Boeing. “Being accepted into Boeing’s Premier Bidder Program is both a sigh of recognition and a mission for us,” said Robert …….
Hartzell’s Next-Gen Composites Propellers on Cubcrafters’ New Nosewheel Cub
CubCrafters has chosen two of Hartzell Propeller’s next generation carbon fiber structural composite propellers as the sole options for the airplane manufacturer’s new nosewheel NXCub, which is headed to certification and production. Hartzell’s carbon fiber composite two-blade Trailblazer prop will be standard equipment on the NXCub. Hartzell’s newly certified three-blade Pathfinder propeller will be available as an option. Both propellers will be offered with a 76 inch diameter on the NXCub …….
Rock West Composites Adds 3Form Varia Ecoresin to Its Architectural Panel Lineup
Rock West Composites apprises of the addition of 3Form Varia Ecoresin carbon fiber architectural panel products to its lineup. Carbon fiber has a high-end look that is valued in architecture and interior design projects. By encasing carbon fiber fabric in Varia Ecoresin, the resulting panels are durable enough for use in indoor or outdoor spaces. In the near future the company anticipates expanding offerings to the architecture and design markets, including matte or high gloss carbon fiber panel …….
Boom Supersonic to Roll Out Historic XB-1 Demonstrator on Oct. 7, 2020
Boom Supersonic informed that its supersonic demonstrator, XB-1, will roll out on October 7, 2020. In keeping with CDC-recommended social distancing measures, the entire event will be available online and allow attendees an opportunity to submit questions to company leadership. XB-1 is the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet and will demonstrate key technologies for Overture, Boom’s commercial airliner, such as advanced carbon fiber composite construction, computer-optimized …….
New Material
allnex Unveils New Set of UV-Curable Resins for Automotive and Plastics Applications
allnex has launched three high performance multifunctional urethane acrylates: EBECRYL 8606, EBECRYL 8314, and EBECRYL 8315. Due to their excellent hardness, chemical resistance and flexibility properties, they are an ideal choice for post cure manipulation applications, for in-mold labeling decoration, as well as paint protection film applications. Key benefits and features of EBECRYL 8606, EBECRYL 8314, and EBECRYL 8315 include: • Outstanding toughness and resiliency • Allows post UV c …….
Application Development
The All-Carbon Fiber Stratos 716X Takes First Flight
‘Stratos Aircraft informed about the first flight of its Stratos 716X model – registration N716X. The flight lasted 22 minutes. The Stratos 716X is a spacious six-place jet with generous space for baggage. The all-carbon airframe, single-engine jet is designed to cruise at 400 knots. The first flight was a full power takeoff and climb to 13,500 ft. The flight is the first of an extensive flight test program that will span the next several months. The all-carbon-fiber 716X features trailing li …….
Solvay’s Radel, a Solution for Metal Replacement in Health Care
Medical devices and accessories are lighter, and easier to customize and clean when they’re made of plastic instead of metal. So for the healthcare industry, Solvay’s Radel PPSU is ready to serve. For the past 30 years, lightweight materials have been increasingly adopted in the medical world – particularly one specific plastic: Radel polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), a sulfone polymer produced by Solvay. The rationale for switching to plastic is well established and similar to the one for other ca …….
ACT Blade Develops Ultralight Wind Turbine Blade
The novel lightweight composite blade structure, which is wrapped in a high-tech engineered sail-like textile shell, has been developed by UK yacht-sail developer spin off ACT Blade. It is up to a third lighter as compared with typical fiberglass blade designs, can be made longer to generate more energy and, ultimately, has the potential to make offshore wind – already one of the cheapest major energy sources in the UK – even easier and cheaper to harness. The first prototype produced under t …….
The Sleek All Carbon Composite Airframe Diamond Aircraft 5 Seat DA50 RG with Retractable Gear
The award-winning all carbon fiber DA50 RG is equipped with retractable gear, an extra-large luxurious cabin and excellent payload, powered by a 300hp Continental CD-300 jet fuel engine. The sleek all carbon composite airframe incorporates advanced aerodynamics with the latest in passive safety technology for high performance, great efficiency and superior occupant protection. Further enhancing the dynamic and elegant lines, are the extensive choices of available colors and paint designs. …….
Arevo Launches Superstrata, a Made-To-Measure Carbon Fiber E-Bike
Arevo is launching a new bike brand called Superstrata. Unlike most of its competition, which builds carbon fiber frames with multiple parts or pieces, the company has developed “a true unibody construction” that has no visible seams or welding marks. “This piece comes out as a single piece from our machines,” Sonny Vu, CEO of Arevo and the former CEO of wearables maker Misfit told Engadget. “So there’s no glue, no joins, no bolts, no laser welds, none of that stuff. If anything, things are shav …….
Technology Development
NUST MISIS Develops Technology for Producing Aluminum Matrix Composites from New Raw Materials
Materials scientists from The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) MISIS have presented a new technology for producing the aluminum matrix composites from new raw materials—promising composite powders for 3-D printing of light, durable cases for aircraft and automotive engineering. The new method increases the uniformity of properties and hardness of the obtained 3-D printed composites by 40% in comparison with analogs. The results have been published in the Journal of Alloys and …….
South Ural State University Researchers Develop Unique Method for Creating Powder Composites
Scientists from South Ural State University have developed a new method for creating powder metal composites. The method can reduce waste and improve the quality of electrical products and, as a result, increase the economic efficiency of production by 30%. The study was published in the journal Metallurgist. The scientists introduced a new design for a mixing machine that makes composite powder based on graphitoplast compositions and coke pitch. The new machine and the associated method prod …….
Carbon ThreeSixty Invests in 3D Printing Technology to Boost Capability
Carbon ThreeSixty apprises of the recent delivery and setup of a production-grade FDM 3D printer to support the manufacturing and prototyping capabilities of the business. The machine was purchased to support the development of complex 3D shaped composite components, but it is also perfect for making jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids to streamline production processes. The 3D printer is a Raise3D Pro 2 Plus – an advanced, user friendly, dual nozzle FDM machine which allows multi-material …….
Carbon ThreeSixty Expands FE Analysis Capability to Include Design Optimization
Carbon ThreeSixty has recently invested in a software that further enhances their existing generative design and FE analysis capabilities. In collaboration with their preferred software vendor SolidSolutions Ltd, Carbon ThreeSixty has elected to bring in a full suite of Solidworks Simulation Premium tools to complement their existing seats of Solidworks CAD. Solidworks Simulation Premium adds capability in complex loading scenarios including non-linear and dynamic / impact events, as well …….
Covestro AG’s Preliminary EBITDA of EUR 124 Million in Q2 2020 Outperforms Market Expectation
In the course of preparing the half-year financial report 2020 for the Covestro Group, preliminary Q2 key financial data deviate from capital market expectations, based on the average values of latest consensus estimates of financial analysts, published by Vara Research on July 8, 2020. Therefore, Covestro provides the following Q2 pre-release of the Group half-year financial report 2020: • Preliminary sales amount to EUR 2,156 million in Q2’20. Consensus expects this number to be EUR 2,22 …….
UNITIexpo 2021 | February 9–11, 2021 | Stuttgart, Germany | Messe | Stand 5D20
UNITI expo 2020 has been postponed to 2021 due to “the increasing spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Germany, Europe and around the world, and taking into consideration the latest forecasts on the expansion of the pandemic”. In February, the OPW team will be Defining What’s Next in retail fueling at UNITI, with OPW, Fibrelite and KPS products and demonstrations taking center stage at what is the key event in the EMEA retail fueling calendar. Retail fuel operators, suppliers and trade …….
New Reports in Composites Market Published By Lucintel
The UK Composites Sector 2019 Health and Safety Report Launched
The HSE’s Safety in Manufacturing Plastics and Composites Strategy (SIMPLC) aims to build on good practice within the industry and establish a health and safety culture within individual businesses. This initiative is chaired by Composites UK and is a collaboration between trade bodies. Composites UK has produced a three-year action plan against this strategy on which to focus its activities in order to help set standards across the sector. This plan is reviewed annually following the industr …….
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