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Demo Plast Vest 2019 Exhibition

Ocak 15, 2019

9-12 Nisan 2019 tarihleri arasında Romanya’nın Arad şehrinde gerçekleştirilecek olan Demo Plast Vest 2019 fuarı ile ilgili bilgiler aşağıdadır.

We were very glad to invite you and the members of your Association to take part in DEMO PLAST 2019 in ARAD, ROMANIA (09-12 April 2019).

DEMO PLAST is the most important exhibition for plastics, rubber and composite materials in this part of Europe and let you starting to meet decision makers and plastics industry professionals from the Romanian and regional market and to explore the possibility to open new revenue pipeline from this expanding markets. (Please see ARAD’s strategical position on the regional map, attached.)

We think many of the new equipments presented by your association in PLAST expo this year would be for great interest to Romanian and regional plastics processing professionals and could attract their attention to your company booth in DEMO PLAST 2019.

Taking part in DEMO PLAST exhibition is the unique chance to open new opportunities on the Romanian market, a continuous growing one and probably the most dynamic industry and economy in the Central and South-East European region.

We are honored to invite you to take part in DEMO PLAST 2019 and please let us know your requirements for a booth and we will be glad to be at your disposal in finding the best way to personalize your offer.

Please find attached: Exhibition presentation & Previous edition statistics, the geographical position of Arad.