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From Composites Design to Production

Mart 31, 2020

Altair firmasının kompozit dizaynından üretime konulu webinarları hakkındaki bilgiler aşağıda yer almaktadır.

Webinar Series: From Composites Design to Production

We would like to invite you to our free to attend Composite Design Webinar Series starting 1st April 2020, to see how the latest simulation solutions are being deployed to design highly optimised, material efficient composite structures ready for production.

Join our 4 part webinar series and see how composite design companies are overcoming the challenge of migrating to composite structures, shortening development times and minimising material use through the application of simulation technologies.


April 1– starting at 14:00 (BST):
Composite Pressure Vessel Design and Simulation 
This webinar will show how Altair software interface with third-party filament winding simulation software to create CPV structural models using different level of details according to analysis needs. The use of multiscale material modeling provides means for accurate damage and failure predictions of CPVs

April 8 – starting at 14:00 (BST):
Efficient Simulation of 3D Printed Lattice Structures
This webinar will give insight into the 3D printed lattice structures and how engineers can capitalise on the increased design freedom lattice can offer. The webinar will demonstrate how Altair Multiscale Designer can link microscale geometric features with a standard macro CAE model, combining both scales in a highly efficient way.

April 21 – starting at 14:00 (BST):
Process Simulation of Parts Made with Complex Fabrics by our Partner CEDREM
This webinar will show how KTex tools can help predict the mechanical behavior of structural parts made with complex fabrics, taking in to account their manufacturing process.

April 28 – starting at 14:00 (BST):
Quilted Stratum Design – Optimization software for preform tailoring by our Partner ESPINASSOU
This webinar will show how Cetim, Onera and Altair collaborated to propose the QSD method, a three-step optimization method intended to propose efficient designs with a reduced computational cost. The method is based on a stiffness matching approach. They create an intuitive workflow in Hypermesh environment that lead the designer to a smart composite design, with adapted fiber orientation and reduced material scraps thanks to draping analysis.

With more topics to choose from, why not view the recording of the previous webinars in the series?

Watch Recording Here>>

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