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Graphene / Borophene (Material of the Future)

Mayıs 28, 2018
Graphene is added into a range of composites for applications where weight and strength are limiting factors,
for instance in the aerospace sector. Graphene is being added to numerous materials to make the current
material more lightweight and stronger. For the aviation sector, a composite material which is much lighter than steel but will still provide the required strength will save plenty of money on fuel consumption, which is why graphene is now being combined into such materials. Graphene-based structural composites have a massive potential to become an extensively used substitute for many materials used at present.
Graphene can be added into polymeric materials to produce graphene-polymer composite materials.
As a number of polymeric materials suffer from strength-related issues, the combining of graphene can
help to boost the tensile strength of the polymers, prolonging the shelf life of the polymeric material
in commercial applications. Adding graphene into polymers can also offer polymers electrical conductivity properties.

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