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Plastics Recycling Europe Hakkında

Ocak 2, 2018

Recommended measures to achieve higher EU recycling rate within 8 years / Job creation and economic benefits / PRE and Deloitte report

Industry organisation Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE, Brussels / Belgium; www.plasticsrecyclers.eu)
and Deloitte (London / UK; www.deloitte.com) have published a new study that shows, although the plastics
value chain is diverse and complex, a 65% recycling rate target for plastics packaging is attainable by 2025.
The study determines a set of measures that will result in achieving this target, such as better recycling designs
and improving the quality of packaging waste sorting across the EU.
These steps would increase the recyclability of plastics packaging as well as reduce sorting and recycling costs.
They should also result in higher-quality recyclate, and raise consumers’ confidence in recycled products.
PRE states that its recommended measures are to be complemented with strong communication across
the plastics value chain, and with a legislative push enabling higher uptake of recycled materials.
02.01.2018 PIE [238632-0]

Blueprint for plastics packaging waste: Quality sorting & recycling

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