SAMPE China 2020 Conference & Exhibition

Şubat 12, 2020

3-6 Haziran 2020 tarihlerinde Çin’de düzenlenen “SAMPE China 2020 Conference & Exhibition” hakkındaki bilgiler aşağıda yer almaktadır.

Conference Highlight

○ This is the 15th SAMPE China which is continuously
organized in China mainland
○ Focus on the whole chain of advanced composites
material,  process, engineering and applications
○ The biggest event on Advanced Composites in the first
half  year in Asia
○ Expecting 230+ technical papers, 1000+ attendees
○ Exhibition+Conference+Application ession+Technology
tutorial+Industrial Competition
International Advisory Committee
Dr. Scott Beckwith, Technical Director, SAMPE GLOBAL
Dr. Louis Pilato, Pilato Consulting
Mr. Gregg Balko, CEO, SAMPE GLOBAL
Prof. Hiroyuki HAMADA, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Dr. Arnt Offringa, Fokker Aerostructures
Dr. Shanying Zeng, Boeing Company
Dr. Sumonman Nianglang, Rajamangala University of Technology Thayaburi
Prof. Yichu Yin, SAMPE Fellow, Shanghai Institute of Synthetic Resin
Dr. Zhenghua CAO, Chairman, AVIC Composite Corporation Ltd
Dr. Zhongmin Xue, SAMPE Fellow, Sinoma Science &Technology Co., Ltd
Prof. Tong Zhao, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mr. Jianwei Hao, Director, AVIC Manufacturing Technology Institute
Dr. Zhen SHEN, Vice Chairman, SAMPE Beijing Chapter
Dr. Lingcai Huang, AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd
Mrs. Lulin HE, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, AECC
Dr. Wei Lian, Composite Materials Center, COMAC
Prof. Yingdan ZHU, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, CAS
Marc Fette, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Composite Technology Center (An Airbus Company)
Schedule at a Glance
Conference Registration: June 2, 2020
Conference & Sessions: June 3-5, 2020
Exhibition: June 4-6, 2020
Call for Papers
The conference technical committee invites Designers, Engineers, Researchers, Manufacturers and End Users being active in or for the Aerospace, Safety protection, Marine, Green Energy, Automobile, Rail transit, and other Advanced Manufacturing Industry to present their latest innovation, development, achievement, test-results and new applications in the field of Advanced Composites at SAMPE CHINA 2020, paper topics will include, but not be limited to:
01) Additive Manufacturing
02) Design, Optimization, Analysis and Simulation
03) Advances in High-performance Fiber, Fabric,
Prepreg, Preform
04) Graphene and Applications
05) Nano Technology 06) Thermoset Resin System
07) Advances in Thermoplastic 08) Smart Composites
09) Ceramic Matrix Composites 10) Tooling
11) Process and Manufacturing Technology 12) Automatic Fabrication
13) Structural Health Monitoring 14) Testing
15) Certification 16) Bonding and Adhesive Technology
17) Coating 18) Green Technology
19) Commercial Aviation Application 20) UAV
21) Aero Engine 22) Space Application
23) Safety Protection 24) New Energy Vehicle/ Refit Vehicle
25) Rail Transit 26) Infrastrcture
27) Marine & Ship 28) New Energy
29) Healthy & Recovery
The deadline for oral of a 1-page abstract is March 13, 2020. Authors of accepted abstract will then be required to submit the full paper before April 10, 2020.
Speakers/Authors of selected papers will get a substantial reduction on the full registration fee, which will be including the conference sessions, exhibits, welcome reception, coffee breaks, three lunches, the Banquet, and a conference proceedings.
Contact with:
Contact Person: Mr.Jason cui
Office Tel: +86-10-66095091/ 66095256
Fax: +86-10-66095256
E-mail: /
Event Highlight

This is the 15th SAMPE China which is continuously organized in China mainland 
 Focus on the whole chain of advanced composites material, process, engineering and applications
 4 Exhibiting halls, 17,000 Sqm. exhibiting space
 Expecting 260+ exhibitors, 8000+ attendees
 Exhibition+Conference+ Session+ End user connection Technology tutorial+Competition Professional, International and high-level
○ Attendees from China, Japan, Korea, India, Russia, Singapore, Tailand, North America, Europe, etc.
○ End users from aerospace, automobile, medical, marine, new energy, high-speed train, self-safety,
architecture, sports and leisure industry.

○ 28% of visitors with purchasing decision-making capacity for the attractiveness of SAMPE China attendees.
○ Mainly purpose for visiting are purchasing, cooperation, techology communication and market.
Booth Building-up: June 2-3, 2020
Conference Registration: June 2, 2020
Conference & Sessions: June 3-5, 2020
Exhibiting: June 4-6, 2020
○ Beijing National Innovation Institute of
Lightweight Ltd 
○ Dongguan FALA CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd
○ Suzhou Napo New Material
Technology Co., Ltd
○ Shanghai Roper Industries Trading Co.,Ltd
○ Avic Aircraft Strength Research
Institute (Asri) 
○ Avic Composite Corporation Ltd 
○ Beijing Bw Tech-Textile Co.,Ltd  ○ Beijing Jiashengtest Engineering Co. ,Ltd
○ Beijing Quantumeta Amt Co., Ltd  ○ Chengdu Coryes Polymer Science &
Technology Co., Ltd
○ China Textile Academy (Cta)  ○ Dalian Lu Yang Technology
Development Co., Ltd
○ Dassault Systemes ○ Dongguan Rbt Industrial Robot
Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Hangzhou Yang Tao Technology Co.,Ltd  ○ Hefei Hangtai Electrophysics
Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Henkel(China)Company Ltd  ○ INSTRON
○ International Centre Bamboo And Rattan  ○ Jiangsu Aosheng Composite Materials
Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd
○ Jiangsu Hengbo Composite
Materials Co.,Ltd 
○ Jiangsu Shino New Materials &
Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Kep Technologies High Tech Products  ○ Laboratory of Advanced Polymer
Materials Institute Of   Chemiestry
Chinese Academy Of Sciences
○ Lap Laser Applications China Co.,Ltd  ○ Moldex 3d, Coretech System Co., Ltd
○ Msc Software  ○ Ningbo Higlar New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Plataine Ltd  ○ Shanghai Coin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd
○ Shanghai Enm 3D Technology Limited  ○ Shanghai Fiberbook Industrial Co., Ltd
○ Shanghai Huayu Composite Inc.  ○ Shanghai Nd Inspection & Control
Solution Co., Ltd
○ Shanghai Tronxt New Material
Technology Co.,Ltd 
○ Shanghai Yueke Material Techologies Co., Ltd
○ Shenzhen No.1 Advanced
Materials Co., Ltd 
○ Sigmatex (Shanghai) Composite Materials
Company Limited
○ Suzhou Yuxintiancai New Material Application
Technology Co.,Ltd 
○ TA Instruments  
○ Taizhou Huacheng Mould Co., Ltd  ○ Tianjin Tianduan Press Co.,Ltd
○ Tianjin Zhongtian Junda Glassfiber
Products Co.,Ltd 
○ Volume Graphics (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd  
○ Weihai Baowei New Material
Technology Co.,Ltd 
○ Wuxi City Ding Qi New Material Science and
Technology Co., Ltd
○ Xi’An Long Technology &
Development Co., Ltd 
○ Xtop 3d Technology (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd  
○ Sino Composite Co., Ltd  ○ Wuxi Shaw Huow Trade Co.,Ltdd
○ Hebei Qinyuande New Material CO.,Ltd  ○ Breton (Beijing) Trading Ltd.
○ Liaoning Xiangsheng Advanced
Materials Co., Ltd 
○ Shandong Chaohe New Materials
Technology Co. Ltd  
○ Heilongjiang Intro New materials Co.,Ltd  ○ Nantong Fuyuan Carbon Fiber Recycling Co., Ltd
○ Dongguan Dayang Aerosol
Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd 
○ MianYang SINOMIX Science & Technology Co., Ltd  
○ Yixing Huaheng High Performance
Fiber Textile Co.,Ltd 
○ Weihai Guangwei Composites Co.,Ltd   
○ Universal Industry Design Co., Ltd ○ Shenyang Maka Century International
​   Trading Co.,Ltd 
 Shanghai Huayi Resins Co., Ltd ○ Qingdao Breuck 3d Manufacturing Co., Ltd
○ Pgm System Inc ○  Nanjing Fiberglass Reasearch & Design
○ Jiangsu Hengshen Co.,Ltd ○ Hunan Zihard Material Technology
Limited Company
○ Hubei Hangyu New Materials Co.,Ltd ○ Hefei Tongxing Synthetic Material Co.,Ltd
○ Heatcon Composite Systems ○ Harbin Feitian Composite Corporation Ltd
○ Happyway Automation Co.,Ltd ○ Guangdong Ruizhou Technology Co.,Ltd
○ French Alcam Concept ○ Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai)
​    Co., Ltd
○ Diab (Zjg) Co., Ltd ○ Comi Spa. It
○ Cashem China ○ C6 Composite Tooling Gmbh
○ C.M.S. S.P.A. ○ C.A.Litzler Co.,Inc
○ Beijing Tianyu-Sky Technology Co.,Ltd ○ Beijing Huayang Anti-Static
​   Engineering Co., Ltd
○ Beijing All-Winning Alliance International
​   Sci – Tech Co.,Ltd
○ Baoding Baiyuan New Materials
​   Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Avic Capdi Integration Equipment Co.,Ltd ○ Aramicore Composite Co., Ltd
○ Aode Machinery (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd
○ Anhui Jialiqi Carbon Fiber Technology
​   Co., Ltd
○ Aecc Beijing Institute of Aeronautical
​   Materials (Biam)
○ 3M China Limited
○ Junhua China Peek ○ Lingrui(Shanghai)Science And
​   Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Useon Foam Material ○ 46 Institute of The 6th Academy of Casic.
○ Ametek Commercial Enterprise
Co., Ltd Beijing Branch
○ MTS Systems (China) Co.,Ltd
○ Shenzhen Wance Testing
Machine Co., Ltd
○ Jinan Shangtai Testing Machine Co.,Ltd.
○ Tinius Olsen Testing Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd ○ Lishi (Shanghai) Instruments Co.,Ltd
○ Beijing Ruituo Tech Co.,Ltd ○ Hubei Gemvon New Material Co.,Ltd
○ Weihai Dongfa Precise Skill Machine Co.,Ltd
○ Weihai Lanke Composite
​    Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Weihai Xiangming Fishing Co.,Ltd ○ Hunan Mixer Stirring & Kneader Co., Ltd
○ Shanghai Huazheng Composites Co., Ltd ○ Ningbo Super Resin, Inc
○ Shanghai Abundant Year Optronic Co.,Ltd ○ Chongyi Hengyi Ceramic Composites
​   Co.,Ltd
○ Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic ○ Maikos Composites Co., Ltd
○ Airtech Asia
○ Eptek Tooling Materials
(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
○ Hexcel ○ Dezhou United Top Composite
​   Materials Tech. Co.,Ltd
○ Beijing Dingrui Industry Trading Co., Ltd ○ Fujian Leadasia Chemical Co.,Ltd
○ Tiance Technology Co., Ltd ○ High Gain Industrial Co.,Ltd
○ Niflon Macromolecular Material (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd ○ Scantech Guangzhou
○ Shanghai Yueke Material Techologies Co., Ltd ○ Dezhou Carbon Fiber Composite
​   Materials Co.,Ltd
○ Nmg Composites Co.,Ltd ○ Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd
○ Kpsd Composites Co.,Ltd ○ Jiaxing Sunny Frp Industries Co.,Ltd
○ Suzhou Yuxintiancai New Material Application
​   Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Adesso Advanced Materials Wuhu Co,.Ltd
○ Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd ○ Pas Research Group of Sichuan University
○ Toray International (China) Co.,Ltd ○ Wm Smart Factory (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd
○ Wuhan Sino Type Optoelectronic
​   Technology Co., Ltd
○ Beijing Shengda Honesty Science &
​   Tech. Co., Ltd
○ Heilongjiang Zhonghexincheng New
​   Materials Co., Ltd
○ Chengdu Invateu Equipment Co.,Ltd
○  Weihai Yafeida Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. ○ Henkel(China)Company Ltd.
○ Shanghai Cedar Composites Technology Co.,Ltd ○ Beijing Yuekang Air New Materials Co.,Ltd
○ Shanghai Lorechem Company Limited ○ Jilin Province Huayang New Material
​   Research And Development Co.,Ltd
○ Sanying Precision Instruments Co.,Ltd ○ Jishu Dimension (Beijing) Digital
​   Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Icloud Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd ○ Shandong Chonhunteda
​   Composite Co.,Ltd
○ Liaoyang Xinyu Chemical Co., Ltd
○ Jinggong Carbon Fiber And Composites
​   Industrial Base
○ Yixing Yiqing Machinery Co.,Ltd ○ Physical Acoustics Beijing Office
○ Xiamen Xinwang Advanced Materials
​   Technology Co., Ltd
○ Chomarat Engineered Textiles
​    (Taicang) Co.,Ltd
○ Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co.,Ltd. ○ Netzsch
○ Nanjing Ouneng Machinery Co.,Ltd ○ Mettler Toledo
○ Shanghai Kangzhan Composites Co.,Ltd ○ China Bluestar Chengrand Co., Ltd
○ Tianjin Onlytop High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd ○ Dalian Yibang Science And
​   Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation ○ Zoney International Limited
○ Hangzhou Iecho Science & Technology Co.,Ltd ○ Shenzhen Zye Science & Technology
​   Co., Ltd
○ Weihai Hongcheng Mechanical And
​    Electrical Equipment
○ Beijing Dongshengxinrui Automatic
​   Technology Co., Ltd
○ Qingdao Huabo Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd ○ Nanjing Oma Waterjet Co.,Ltd
○ Changzhou Sunchem New Marerial Co.,Ltd ○ Beijing Honghuxiongshi Technology
​   Co.,Ltd
○ Changzhou Acmtemp Co.,Ltd ○ Weiss-Voetsch Environmental Testing
Instruments (Taicang) Co., Ltd
○ Shandong Jinyu Hengli Environment
​   Technology Co., Ltd
○ Weihai Tonglian Precision
​    Machinery Co.,Ltd
○ Volume Graphics (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd ○ Jilin Yinghao Industry & Trade
​   Co.,Ltd
○ Hokaido Vacuum Technology (Int’l) Group Limited ○ Hebei Guanchengyuexing
​   Composites Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Hebei Optfilm Composite Co., Ltd ○ Liaoning Novcarb Carbon
​   Materials Co., Ltd
○ Zhejiang Catamount Special
​    Equipment Co.,Ltd
○ Hexion Management
​  (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
○ Dalian Yingtian Machinery
​   Manufacturing Co., Ltd
○ Beijing 3D Braiding Co., Ltd
○ Suzhou Noen Composite Materials
Co., Ltd
○ Efforts Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd
○ Teijin (Shanghai) Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd ○ Hubei Feilihua Quartz Glass Co.,Ltd
○ Wuxi Jinhe Science & Technology Co.,Ltd ○ Nantong Synasia New Material Co.,Ltd
○ Chengdu Zhengxi Hydraulic Equipment
​   Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
○ Willing New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd
○ Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd ○ Belotti Spa China
○ Yiteli (Shanghai) Technology Co.,Ltd ○ Shandong Baisheng Carbon Fiber
​   Technology Co., Ltd
○ Dongguan Qiaolian Composite Materials Co.,Ltd ○ Xiamen Hower Material Co.,Ltd
○ Shandong University of Technology ○ Xi’an Shenying Composite Material
​   Co., Ltd
○ Jiangsu Tiwin Composites Tech. Co., Ltd
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Contact with:
Contact Person: Jessica YANG
Office Tel: +86-10-66095091/ 66095256
Fax: +86-10-66095256 /

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