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Training for “Composite Engineer”

Mart 21, 2018

With a new offer, the expertise of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Fraunhofer Alliance lightweight construction (formerly “fiber composite engineer”) bundled in a modular training for “Composite Engineer” in the subject area fiber composites. Participants of this course will have the opportunity to be trained by working in the current research professionals in the various relevant for fiber composite technology topics. So a direct knowledge and technology transfer can be guaranteed. be addressed engineers and scientists of all disciplines and industries and want to learn to use fiber composite technology or use in the future skilled workers.

A “Composite Engineer” has to prove completed vocational training and at least five years of professional experience in the technical field or a passing degree (Bachelor or higher) at a university, technical college or university.

The training for Composite Engineer qualified to serve until the repair staff, the entire product life cycle made of fiber-reinforced materials component from product development to manufacturing, where they think in terms of professional and welfare use of fiber composite technology disciplines rate, decide and act. The training for Composite Engineer is modular. In addition to the basic and the four basic modules, which must be supported mandatory four modules must be chosen from the construction area and completed. The successfully passed exams and certificate of participation in the basic module open up the possibility to register for the final oral exam. After passing the final exam, participants receive a certificate identifying them as “Composite Engineer”. Each module includes a period of three days. The audit is initiated by a two-day repeat phase, the so-called “termination module,” so that further total of 30 days, ie 6 weeks or 240 hours includes. All modules are independent of the aim of obtaining the certificate “Composite Engineer,” individually and independently booked.

For more information, please see the enclosed flyer with the training schedule for 2018. More information can be found at: www.composite-engineer.de