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2017 Kompozit Sanayicileri Derneği | Tüm hakları saklıdır

Abaris Training 19 Aralık 2017

Aralık 20, 2017

Abaris Advantage Firmasının 19 Aralık 2017 tarihli aylık haber bültenini okumak için aşağıdaki linke tıklayınız.

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Abaris Advantage
Flying Car Racing Could Be Headed To Australia
New Atlas
Much of the technology found in today’s consumer automobiles was originally designed to give race cars a competitive edge. With that in mind, Australian entrepreneur Matt Pearson figured that if there’s one way of accelerating the development of flying cars, it’s to race the things. With an aerospace aluminum frame and a carbon fiber composite body, the Alauda Mark 1 Airspeeder will be the first human-capable racing drone.
CAMX Live! Panel Inspires Attendees To Disrupt Markets
Composites Manufacturing Magazine
With the recovery process for hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria still on everyone’s minds, the “disruptive innovation” theme of this year’s CAMX seems particularly apropos. The show kicked off with the CAMX Live! panel — three engineers who are using composites to change the way the world views a wide range of markets.
Composites And Industry 4.0: Where Are We?
Composites World
About 250 years ago, steam-powered machines began to displace manual labor in the Industrial Revolution. A Second Industrial Revolution, spurred mainly by electrical power, enabled the assembly lines and factory workflow. Think Henry Ford’s Model T. In the 1960s, computers spawned a Third Industrial Revolution, birthing digital design software and robotics. Key word? Automation.
Hexcel Composites Plant Set For $200 Million Expansion
Airbus supplier Hexcel Corp. today announced a $200 million expansion for its Decatur production plant, which will add another 90 jobs. Company officials today said the project will allow Hexcel to ramp up production to meet increasing demand in the aerospace and industrial markets. Production is expected to begin in 2021.

Train the Team
GM Reportedly Planning To Incorporate Carbon Fiber In Pickup Trucks
Composites Manufacturing Magazine
According to a Dec. 6 report from the Wall Street Journal, General Motors plans to use carbon fiber composites to make the beds on premium versions of large pickup trucks. GM’s lightweight beds could reportedly be ready in two years on the next generation of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks.
Improving One-Piece Aerostructures By Automating Preforming
Composites World
srael Aerospace Industries has produced crashworthy seat structures for aircraft since 1978. Its turnkey service includes design, certification and manufacturing. IAI has developed a reputation for producing lightweight seating through the use of composites, and developed efficient production via RTM but now augments both with automation.
MTorres Aims To Take Carbon-Fiber Technology For Jets To The Next Level
The Seattle Times
Engineering firm MTorres, a maker of sophisticated aerospace manufacturing equipment, opened a new innovation and manufacturing center near Boeing’s jet plant in Everett. It’s developing a novel manufacturing method to produce one-piece carbon-fiber fuselages without fasteners.
Real-Time Automated Ply Inspection System: CS’s Series On Automated Inspection Methods
Composites World
More composites being used in aircraft, and the pressure for higher production rates means new technologies for automated, in-process inspection while the part is being fabricated. Groups around the world are working on this, and making great strides.

Carbon Fiber Knowledge

From the Blog
Abaris-KVE Composites Complete EASA Training
A total of 10 EASA engineers recently completed a two-day hands-on course performed by Abaris-KVE at KVE’s facilities at Maastricht-Aachen Airport in the Netherlands. The objective was to finish out their CSET (Composite Structural Engineering Training) online training program.

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