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Automated Filament Winding Production Cell

Eylül 23, 2017

Innovative automated factory starts to produce composite CNG solutions for one of the most-progressive auto-brands

World known composite machine manufacturer, Mikrosam, deliver a fully automated Filament Winding Line for Type IV premium quality CNG vessels.
Developed for a leading global automotive supplier Magna, and installed at its plant in Austria, this production cell was designed to manufacture a
costeffective lightweight CNG tank module. Using filament winding technology and application of composite materials, the produced alternative
propulsion system would result in reduction of weight of up to 50% compared to equivalent steel cylinders and 40% lower fuel expenses.
The CNG vehicle is environment-friendly. This kind of powertrain system will shrink the CO2 emission by 20% to 29%.
The CNGmodule of tanks is predicted to hold a total of 19 kg of gas, allowing the range of over 500 kilometers.

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