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Composites Market Insights 27 Temmuz 2020

Temmuz 27, 2020

Lucintel firmasının 27 Temmuz 2020 tarihli haftalık haber bülteni aşağıda yer almaktadır.

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Composites Market Insights, July 27, 2020
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Click the Headlines below for more detail on the news article. News articles are divided into sections such as “Business Development”, “New Material”, “Application Development”, “Financial”, “Events”, and “Others”.
Business Development
Gurit’s Major Investment to Support Indian Wind Energy Industry
Gurit apprises of a major investment plan of over CHF 20 million to support the Indian Wind Energy Industry. In order to participate in the growing Indian Wind Energy market needs for rotor blades for domestic use and export, Gurit has decided to establish a significant manufacturing presence to begin in 2020 through 2022. Gurit is setting up a core material kitting facility in the north Indian Gujarat region which will go on line early 2021. During 2021, completing in 2022, Gurit will establish …….

Boeing Hires Australia’s Quickstep to Produce Harrier Parts
Boeing has hired Quickstep Technologies to supply the United States Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier fleet with 260 urgent, obsolete aircraft parts. Sydney-based Quickstep Technologies supplied Boeing Global Services with the required composite parts so that a number of grounded aircraft could rapidly resume flying. With a 16,000 square meter composite manufacturing plant at Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Quickstep manufactured the parts at short notice after they could not be sourced domestically in t …….
Shape Delivers Composite Tooling and Parts
SHAPE has had the pleasure of working on the tooling and parts for a composite steering wheel to be used in a cockpit simulator. Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “We have been very fortunate to be involved in this project, whereby we will need to manage the production of several steering wheels a week for a very reputable customer”. SHAPE machine patterns for the Aerospace, Automotive and Motorsport industries as well as 5 axis machining foams and Carbon composite materials. Muller add …….
New Composites Venture of Nusaned Investment and Suhul Alkhalej
Nusaned Investment, owned by SABIC, has signed a deal with Suhul Alkhalej for Industrial Development and Investment Company (Suhul Alkhalej). The new venture will own and operate a factory to manufacture wood-plastic composite (WPC) profiles for decking and cladding, WPC sheets, WPC doors and unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) profiles for windows and doors. The deal between Nusaned Investment, through Nusaned Fund managed by Albilad Capital, and Suhul Alkhalej factory will use eco-frien …….
ENGEL to Introduce Injection Molding Machine to Manufacture Pipette Tips
ENGEL will launch next generation of its all-electric e-mac injection molding machine series in a challenging application for the manufacture of pipette tips. This will offer maximum flexibility for individual customer requirements. In the form of the e-mac, ENGEL has an all-electric injection molding machine in its portfolio that combines high output and energy efficiency with an extremely compact machine design, ensuring the lowest possible unit costs even in a clean-room environment. ENGEL …….
Quickstep Witnesses Growth in Composites Sales despite COVID
Advanced composites manufacturer Quickstep Holdings has continued to grow sales during the Covid-19 pandemic according to its results released for the June quarter. The company recorded quarterly sales up seven per cent over the previous corresponding period to $24.6 million. Full year sales were up 12 per cent on the prior year to $82.3 million, and the full year saw a positive cash flow of $200,000. Quickstep is carrying a higher level of raw materials inventory than prior to the pandemi …….
ENGEL Opens New Office in Belgium
ENGEL opened a new sales and service office with its own training center in Belgium. The injection molding machine manufacturer and systems solutions provider headquartered in Austria, has once again boosted its customer proximity. The new office is located in Oostakker near Ghent, one of the most important industrial centers in Belgium. It is part of ENGEL Benelux in Houten, the Netherlands, the base from which ENGEL previously managed its sales and service activities in Belgium. The new loc …….
DOE Offers $139 Million Funding for 55 Projects Supporting Advanced Composites for Vehicle Applications
The U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette apprised of DOE support of $139 million in funding for 55 projects across the country that will support new and innovative advanced vehicle technologies across 16 topic areas. The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) are funding these projects, which includes support for DOE’s Energy Storage Grand Challenge. Among the highlights of the announcement is $15 million for two projects aimed at lightweight and high-performance fibe …….
National Composites Expands Its Manufacturing Capabilities
This year, National Composites has completed the third acquisition with Sunrise Fiberglass, Wyoming MN, being the latest. National Composites now has four strategically located plants throughout the Midwest, each having multiple capabilities, staffed by experienced career fiberglass specialists. Locations include: • National Composites Headquarters (Troy, Michigan) • MPI (Molded Plastics Industries) (Holt, MI) • Great Lakes Composites (Owosso, MI) • Excel Pattern and Tool (Owosso, M …….
New Material
allnex Launches a New Generation of Refinish & Industrial Grinding Resins
allnex has launched ADDITOL XL 6574 / XL 6576, the Heart of a New Generation of Refinish & Industrial Colorants, in Latin America. ADDITOL XL 6574 and XL 6576 have been created by allnex chemists as highly efficient and universally compatible grinding resins that are designed for use in Solventborne resin systems. Key attributes of ADDITOL XL 6574 & XL 6576 include: • Efficient – strong color development • Low grind viscosities • Good film hardness • Broad compatibility – SB Acrylics, …….
LANXESS’ Durethan BKV30H2.0EF PA6 in Ford SUV’s Structural Components
LANXESS informed that its easy-flowing, fiberglass-reinforced Durethan BKV30H2.0EF polyamide 6 is used in the production of the highly loaded structural component for the Ford Kuga SUV. The bolster and the fully assembled front-end module were developed and are produced by Montaplast, which has its headquarters in Morsbach, Germany. As a plastic component for the hybrid bolster, polyamide 6 has two main advantages over the possible alternative material, polypropylene (PP). The first advant …….
Application Development
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. Promotes Application of Thermoset Compounds in Electric Powertrain Systems
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. aims to promote further application of Thermoset Compounds in powertrain systems, which are the central components to electric vehicles, ecofriendly vehicles, etc. To achieve this, the company established the Next e-Axle Market Promotion Project Team with the purpose to design, manufacture, and generate data verifying the benefits of utilizing Thermoset Compounds. These benefits enable smaller, more lightweight/low-vibration, more low-noise and better heat dissipation …….
Pillow Innovation by BASF and MIAN
MIAN has launched its latest innovation for the sleep world: MIANDO – a pillow made with BASF’s CosyPUR polyurethane flexible foam. This innovation is the result of customer feedback on common sleep ailments, combined with BASF’s extensive research and development know-how for the optimal design and properties of CosyPUR for pillow applications. “We listen to our customers and have evolved our CosyPUR polyurethane foam through a combination of innovative technology according to their demands. …….
Tenax DRNF and Tenax DRBF Qualified for Airbus A320neo Spoilers
Teijin Limited has qualified its carbon fiber materials Tenax Dry Reinforcements (DR) for the Airbus A320neo wing spoilers using a Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process developed by Spirit AeroSystems Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft structural components. Tenax DRNF and Tenax DRBF have been developed for resin infusion and resin transfer molding processes which can offer higher productivity and component integration than conventional autoclave molding. Tenax DRNF ar …….
Mazu 82 Yacht Blends Bulletproof Glass and Carbon Composites
The new 82 from Turkey’s Mazu Yachts emerges as the fruit of cutting-edge technology and modern styling. Its carbon-composite hull sits powerful atop the water, laying the foundation for a deckhouse built from glass so sturdy some of it is actually bulletproof. A 3,000-hp Volvo engine trio, retractable sunroof, sunlight-bathed interior and multifunctional deck spaces combine to make it a vessel like no other. Three Volvo Penta IPS engines partner up with the light, rigid carbon-composite sandwic …….
Deakin University Graduates Establish JUC Surf, Launches World-First Recycled Carbon Surfboards
Three Deakin graduates have established the world’s first recycled carbon fiber surfboard company, with the help of Deakin University’s SPARK Deakin Accelerator 2020 program. The group’s Jan Juc startup company, JUC Surf, is set to hit the Australian market with their revolutionary boards made entirely of carbon fiber material that would otherwise be headed for landfill. “The SPARK Deakin program has given JUC Surf the chance to purchase all the materials that we need to fast-track surfboard …….
Exel Composites Witnesses Operating Profit and Increased Revenue in Q1-Q2 2020
Q2 2020 in brief • Order intake decreased by 3.8% to EUR 22.9 million (Q2 2019: 23.8). • Revenue increased by 2.9% to EUR 27.2 million (26.5). • Adjusted operating profit increased to EUR 2.9 million (2.2), which is 10.6% of revenue (8.5). • Operating profit increased to EUR 2.8 million (2.1), which is 10.3% of revenue (8.1). • Earnings per share amounted to EUR 0.21 (0.14). Q1-Q2 2020 in brief • Order intake increased by 10.5% to EUR 57.4 million (Q1-Q2 2019: 52.0). • Revenue incr …….
Upcoming Events for ACMA
OEM Virtual Roundtables: ACMA Composites Technology Day Events – Starting July 30, 2020: Join Spirit AeroSystems for the first event in this virtual interactive series on July 30, 2020 to discuss long term goals related to composites and seek collaboration in areas such as accelerated learning curves, composites manufacturing, materials, new defense initiatives, product development and analysis tools, and tooling. OEM Virtual Roundtables: ACMA Composites Technology Day Events – Starting Augus …….
ENGEL at China Composites Expo in Shanghai– Hall 2, Stand A2407
ENGEL develops highly cost-effective production concepts for the manufacture of composite parts. At China Composites Expo 2020 from 2 to 4 September in Shanghai, the machine manufacturer and system solutions provider, headquartered in Austria, is demonstrating the huge potential which high-volume series production offers, based on examples from the automotive industry. Thermoplastics-based solutions are this year’s focus at the ENGEL stand. ENGEL’s answer to the need for sustainable transport …….
Engel Introduces All-Electric ENGEL e-Mac Machines
In October 2020, ENGEL is presenting the next generation of its all-electric e-mac injection molding machine series in a challenging application for the manufacture of pipette tips. Offering maximum flexibility for individual customer requirements, the e-mac is now even more compact. In the form of the e-mac, ENGEL has an all-electric injection molding machine in its portfolio that combines high output and energy efficiency with an extremely compact machine design, ensuring the lowest possible u …….
New Reports in Composites Market Published By Lucintel
Epoxy Technology, Inc. Has New Logo
Epoxy Technology, Inc., (ETI) has revealed the company’s new logo. This change in ETI’s visual identity coincides with the company’s focus on increasing its global presence in the market, as well as the company’s renewed commitment to its reputation as a trusted solution provider to its partners. ETI was purchased in 2018 by Meridian Adhesives Group (Meridian), a leading platform in the global adhesives sector. Becoming part of the Meridian portfolio, ETI is better positioned to meet the …….
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